Our name comes from Turkish Delight produced in different colors, ingredients, and flavors with natural and traditional methods.
We create Lokkum accessories by hand, using traditional techniques. We select our materials only from high-quality, natural, semi-precious stones, bones, and wooden beads from regions such as India, Asia, and Africa. We care that Lokkum products are environmentally friendly, natural, and suitable for reuse.

Hi there! I am Reyhan Bilgin.
I worked as a manager in corporate life for more than 20 years, then followed the footsteps of my husband and left the city I was living in. The hobbies, I have enjoyed and added to my life, turned into a small business over time where I try to bring the different geographies and cultures together with modern life. I aspire to create unique products that deliver joy and positiveness to everyone.

As a designer, I believe the accessories complement the current mood of the person wearing them. When I want to be simple and feel comfortable, a bracelet made of sandal beads gives me happiness and peace or wearing the chakra stones all day keeps my body balanced. Similarly, I establish a connection between my bracelet/necklace and my inner self.

"Every traditionally crafted accessory has a story to tell you. I hope you will find the products of Lokkum suited to your style and story."

I wish you pleasant shopping.