Diamant Museum - AMSTERDAM

Before there was life, there were diamonds.

We've devoted this section of Lokkum Journal to Diamant Museum - Amsterdam, Europe's only diamond museum, which everyone who is interested in diamonds and jewelery should definitely visit.

When you do visit the museum, you will be taken on a journey that began hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the earth and which ends in the ring on your finger. I am impressed and inspired, and I recommend you to see the magical world of diamonds.

After returning from the museum, I wanted to create a small capsule collection. I named it ANDA, uncut diamond, you can find classical elegance, and a life affirming riot of shine in this collection.

You will find 3 different bracelets and 2 different earring designs in this collection, which will be on sale for a limited time. We are waiting for you to discover the jewelry that you can combine either individually or as a set.
As for the Diamant Museum: Actually, Diamonds are a special crystallisation form of carbon atoms. Carbon is nature's principal building block: plants, animals and mankind too consist of carbon compounds.
Diamond crystals came into existence about 3 billion yeras ago, at a depth of 140 to 200 kilometres inside the earth; they originated from carbon which was exposed to very high pressure (up to 70.000 kg per cm2) at a very high temperature (up to 2000 degrees Celsius).

Actually, isn't it an answer to the question of why it is so valuable?

Diamond and industry: about 5% of the total world production of diamonds is processed into jewellery diamonds: the rest is used for industrial purposes. Since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, diamonds, on account of their hardness, have had many applications: polishing discs, drills, chisels, but also in electronic appliances for drawing extremely thin and precise conducting wire, or in very precise medical instruments. In some industrial applications for diamonds, they are used up, and have to be replaced with new ones regularly. So there is an ongoing demand. Since the fifties of last century it has been possible to produce artificial diamonds. Nowadays 95 - 99% of diamonds used in industry are synthetic.

You can attend group tours and witness every stage of diamond processing in the museum. For this, you can book an appointment by contacting the museum directly. It is possible to see valuable collections, crowns and other important pieces made especially for the royal family. You can also find pieces that suit your taste and budget in the store section of the museum.

If you come to Amsterdam, I also recommend you try Broodje Haring, Kaas (Dutch Cheese) and beer...

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